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By Hustle Boxing, 04 Jul 2019
Hustle Boxing The Workout

One of the best and most-loved workout styles in the world, boxing is the champions league of exercise. Fast, fun, furious and supportive – it’s a tough but rewarding combination of cardio, strength and skill. A boxing class is one of the only places in the world where you’re encouraged to let loose and smash all your fears, feelings, personal bests and a boxing bag – get ready to find your inner bada##.

All Over Muscle

Boxer’s have one of the most sought after bodies in the world and it’s not because they’re a certain size – it’s because they are strong, really strong. Boxing training uses every muscle in the body, from head to toe. Just ask our Hustlers, they’ll tell you it’s an all over body workout that’s unlike anything else. Let’s break it down.

To fully extend your punches, you need to have power in your hips and legs. A boxer’s stance is the beginning of any boxing workout and from here, you’ll need to dodge and duck around imaginary punches. It’s like doing fast squats consistently, your legs will burn in the best way possible.

While you’re building powerful legs, a strong back and core will become a driver for your quick reflexes. Boxer’s power up each and every punch with a rotation through the hips and core. Trust us, you’ll sculpt muscles you didn’t even know existed.

17 calories per minute

Life is busy so when you hit the gym, it’s got to count. When you crunch the numbers, boxing is one of the most rewarding workouts you can do. It’s a serious stamina builder that will improve your resting heart rate and your muscular endurance.
Boxing works in rounds and your heart rate will lift and fall as the rounds change intensity, making it a seriously fast calorie burner. When you’re just boxing, you’ll burn up to a whopping 17 calories per minute. Add some full body conditioning into the mix, and you’re smashing numbers faster than you ever have before.

Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.

Ali said it best. There’s something special about mastering boxing. Punching a bag literally keeps you on your toes but you’ve got to have the power to deliver your full force. When you’re learning how to throw punches, coordination and focus is key. Punching and then snapping back challenges your muscles and your mind to get you totally in the zone.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get and the more confident you’ll become. Boxing pushes people to become their best physical, mental and emotional selves. You own challenges, get stronger than ever, push past your limits and find new boundaries to test.

Think boxing is for you? Try Hustle Boxing, it’s boxing with full body conditioning in a powerful group session. There’s no treadmills, no repetition and always something new to learn. Check out our timetable or book a class online.


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