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Our workouts vary every day. Each day will consist of a new Hustler associated with different rounds.
Our high intensity training combines cardio and resistance exercises
which will help you burn on average 750+ calories per class.

Boxing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for losing weight.
Not only will our training help with energy levels, weight loss and strength endurance
but will increase your mental health while taking on our aqua bags.
We believe in training hard, but having fun while doing it.



We’ll take you through various exercises whilst walking you through our 6 foundation punches to get you ready to Hustle.


Monday to Friday consists of 50 minute sessions while our Saturday and Sunday sessions last 60 minutes.



It’s time to glove up. Our rounds consist of 8 to 16, which varies each day.


You’ll spend the same amount of time on the floor and bags. Your trainer will instruct you when to swap over.



At Hustle we see this as an important part of the session. It’s time to reward yourself for a job well done with a series of stretches and prepare your muscles for your next Hustle session.

The Tech

You can’t miss our big screens which are led by our on-screen trainers to take you through every move on the floor and bag.

The Music

Our trainers will be pumping out custom mixes by DJ Hugo Guzman one half of iconic Sydney based group Flight Facilities and DJ Ruby J. Once the beat drops and the neon lights switch on, you’ll be pushing through your workout beat by beat. 

The Floor

You’ll be taken through functional floor exercises using our custom y-bells, sliders and bands. All individual equipment is provided at your station, which will include various weight sizes, so you’ll never have to leave your station – allowing you to focus on your workout.

The Bag

The water filled bags have more give with the ability to absorb kinetic energy – eliminating the hard spots often found in sand filled heavy bags. Our bags will help train longer and harder while avoiding injury or any joint pain through the knuckles and wrists.

The Trainers

We’ve found the best trainers in the business to guide you through our sessions. With several years experience, you can be sure you’ll be shown the best techniques to help you achieve your goals throughout our sessions.

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