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By Hustle Boxing, 04 Jul 2019

We’ve got the best trainers in Australia. That’s why our boxing-inspired workout keeps you on your toes and helps you to build the confidence you deserve. Backed by science and sweat, each session is designed to help you get the most out of every move. We sat down with two of our top trainers Dan and Ellice, to get the lowdown on why Hustle is the hottest boxing workout in Sydney – and why you should get into our studio ASAP.

Why is Hustle the hottest workout in Sydney?

Dan: At Hustle Boxing we really thought about what people wanted. No one will be walking away saying, I wish they had this or did that – we’ve got it all. But, it’s a little more grit than that. Hustle Boxing is a gym for like-minded people, it’s a place to build a community with people who want the best of the best for their training and their lifestyle.

This is their gym.

Ellice: I think that our our workouts change the way people feel about exercise and fitness, we show you how to hustle for that muscle! Plus, we jam pack the studio with entertainment, beats and exercises that set your soul on fire. There’s no endless time on the treadmill or reps in exactly the same stance, we work your entire body from head to toe. You’ve never HIIT a boxing floor like this one.

Give us the science behind the classes?

Dan: Boxing is proven to be the best training method, it releases mental stress, builds endorphins and connects receptors in the brain that distribute any built up unknown negativity, then you can release it all on our Aqua Bags. Using functional patterns and structured movement, boxing gives you a full connection in body and mind.

Tell us about the ultimate Hustler?

Ellice: Everyone has a Hustler inside of them, you just might not know it, yet. A hustler is someone who consistently has the desire to be better. They see each day as an opportunity to improve and when they look in the mirror, they see someone who is limitless. They have daily intent to take personal responsibility for their own success and work hard to make it happen. They’re determined to master their daily craft and to achieve their aspirations. This is the attitude we bring to Hustle Boxing, and one our hustlers have too!  

How do you want people to feel after each class?

Dan: Individually, I want people to feel physically spent but mentally strong. As a community, I hope members will be touching gloves and giving high fives because they’ve just been through something thats taken them to the hard places but they’ve gotten through it together!

Ellice: Our studios have enormous LED screens that showcase our exercises. So, it gives us time to support our members with technique and motivation — all while having fun. I want people to conquer the session and leave feeling empowered, accomplished & ready for more!

What’s your favourite boxing track?

Ellice: It has to be Beyonce’s ‘Freedom’. It’s so empowering and for me as a female, freedom is everything! We have even dedicated one of our workouts to Queen B because she’s the ultimate hustler.

Any tips for new hustlers?

Dan: No matter what level you’re at, the trainers will be there to help you if you want it, the other hustlers will have your back and when the lights go out — you’ll find your own Hustle. Be brave, we’ve got you.

Are you ready to strap on gloves and punch it out like fight night? Check out our timetable and book a class at our new Potts Point studio.


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