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Attention Hustle Fam: Set your Sunday alarm! Allow us to introduce you to the “FREDDIE”

By Hustle Boxing, 01 Nov 2019


At Hustle we’re committed to innovation so we’re upgrading your weekly timetable with more session times AND a brand new, ICONIC HUSTLER!

Introducing you to the FREDDIE!

A kickass 60 x minute session that will get your Sunday endorphins firing.

You’ll spend half of your time on the water bags & the other on the functional floor over 3 x minute rounds.

Boxers will work 90 x second bouts whilst the functional floor conquer 20 x second intervals of intense exercises!

Lucky for you the lights turn to BLACK OUT & the music RAMPS UP! So, the barrage of foul language can’t be heard! BUT don’t worry, we don’t judge.

It’s YOU vs YOU. We just know that means you’re HUSTLING!

And, as Freddie always said, “Life is too short to listen to bad music”, so we curate beats to get you in the Sunday mood. You just wait & see.


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